Selfies And Self Love

Nowadays, the selfie has firmly established its footing irrefutably as a trademark of contemporary society, majorly in the social media.

The modern society is indulged in so-called “beauty standards” and people not falling in the domain of that beauty standards are marginalized. Those beauty standards are absurd as they only include a bunch of people having a perfect slim and smart body. The pictures of such people have a great aesthetic sense. Such pictures do make others have a significant inferiority complex.

But, in the current society. Selfie with all of its pros and cons have a major privilege for those who are trying to learn self -love.

Selfies are much convenient for all of us especially for women as they make us to actually realize that despite being imperfect having several flaws we are still beautiful and could be praised by others.

By taking selfies, Women are making their new definition of beauty which is purely self-made not inspired by others.

Selfies help to learn self -love in several different ways as explained below:

  • Selfies act as a spur in the life of women because when they look at their selfies a feeling of self-admiration boosts them up and self-love reaches the peak.
  • Selfie is the only thing whose name could be substituted as “all about myself” which implies that women who take selfies are usually the ones who know their worth and who love to take selfies because they feel free from any sort of pressure.
  • Selfies make women to feel confident and serve as immediate self-assurance booster.
  • Selfies change the general impression of showing yourself only when you look good. In fact, some editing of selfie makes you a perfect piece of art and turn a woman into an elegant princess who is confident and empowered.
  • Selfies stand against the idea that there should be a rationale behind having a photo and showing them to others. In fact, women just take their selfie to proclaim their existence and to highlight their presence.
  • Selfies also have psychological benefits as they do make the women having selfie to feel better and making them pose.
  • Selfies also help to strengthen the relationships as when women do compliment others whom they like it not only helps to consolidate, but it also makes themselves more assured about their own looks.
  • Selfies could also be integrated with the self-care routine of women. When a woman is feeling down, instead of going for shopping, having a new hairstyle or trying a new outfit, a funny face could do all and could help to elevate the mood.
  • Selfies are thoroughgoing in a sense that they just accept each and every detail of any aspect of your looks. It makes women feel pretty and awesome and also allows to feel worthy of being a woman and having such an amazing looks and an amazing face with a beautiful smile on it.
  • Selfies could also indulge someone in self-love by changing their thought process and thinking the pattern and shifting it from negative to positive and letting the women know about positive aspects of her personality.

So, taking selfie provides us with a great deal of falling in love with oneself and this self-love could really change the personality of a woman making her more happy, gorgeous and satisfied.

Secret Of Ellen Degeneres Beautiful And Glowing Skin

Ellen DeGeneres a well known name in American TV history. She has got her own talk show, she has been appointed as the judge on American Idol, and recently she has hosted the Oscars also which is a great thing for any TV host. In Oscars, she was looking very young and attractive. This ageless beauty is 56 and it seems that she has completely stopped aging. While hosting Oscars the whole world was stunned by her fairer skin complexion and tight and younger skin. In an interview when asked to her, what is the secret of Ellen DeGeneres anti aging wrinkle cream? She laughed and replied that she has been taking care of her skin from very long time. She made it clear that she uses very less makeup as make up also damages the skin so she prefers to use the minimum amount of make up whenever she is out on her work otherwise she prefers to be without any kind of makeup. She told that she used Covergirl simply ageless foundations and Covergirl + olay simply ageless 3 in 1 liquid foundation on her face and then makeup on it. She also told that she uses Biofinite and crème Del mar serum to maintain her skin and make it look younger and rejuvenated.

Here is a description of the products used by the celeb.

Covergirl simply ageless foundation: Covergirl ageless foundation is mixed with olay regenerist serum with SPF22 to remove the fine lines and wrinkles from the face. It holds the skin very firmly and stays on for a longer period of time without any extra efforts. To achieve the maximum results use it for just 4 weeks.

Covergirl + Olay simply ageless 3 in 1 liquid foundation: This liquid foundation is rich in many ingredients which can help you in reducing the fine lines from the face and also evens the tone of your skin removing any discoloration effect from your skin, hydrates the dried up skin as well to provide the moisture that is needed by the skin, and gives you a flawless and younger look in very less time.

Crème Del Mar serum: Crème Del Mar is a serum which instantly works on the wrinkles on the face, and makes your aged skin look young again. This serum contains anti aging ingredients that work under your skin and make your dull and old skin bright and young. Its formula contains peptides that work on wrinkles, boost the collagen level in your skin, and provide nourishment to your skin cells so the production of new skin cells starts.

Biofinite: Biofinite can help you to rebuild your facial skin. It provides all round nourishment and protection that can help you in eliminating the wrinkles from the face as well as rejuvenating your young skin cells. Biofinite boosts the production of collagen in your skin, reduces the fine lines around the eyes, lips etc. from your skin on a permanent basis for a longer period of time.